MIT Technology Review 201605

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  1. What If Apple Is Wrong?

    Phones that lock away everything they hold could inhibit law enforcement more than we really want.

  2. Who Made Tim Cook King?

    Why Apple needs to make some concessions to rights and interests beyond privacy.

  3. How Political Candidates Know If You’re Neurotic

    The latest data-driven campaign pitches target you based on your personality, not just your demographics. But does such profiling work?

  4. Tech Slowdown Threatens the American Dream

    Despite the allure of apps and social media, today’s digital technologies are doing little to generate the kind of prosperity that previous generations enjoyed, a prominent economist argues. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on innovation.

  5. The Rogue Immune Cells That Wreck the Brain

    Beth Stevens thinks she has solved a mystery behind brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

  6. The Extinction Invention

    A genetic technology that can kill off mosquito species could eradicate malaria. But is it too risky to ever use?

  7. China Is Building a Robot Army of Model Workers

    Can China reboot its manufacturing industry—and the global economy—by replacing millions of workers with machines?

  8. Q&A: Bill Gates

    Microsoft’s cofounder vows to change the “supply side” for breakthrough energy technologies by investing billions of his and his friends’ dollars.

  9. Did the FBI Just Win Its Fight Against Apple? Not Really.

    The FBI’s hacking feat with the San Bernadino phone does nothing to solve the larger issues. Instead, the debate will be settled over time by many small compromises and trade-offs.

  10. When Extinction Is a Humanitarian Cause

    The mosquito spreading Zika doesn’t belong in our environment. Soon we may be able to eradicate it with new technology.

  11. Doing the Dirty Work

    Young people in China don’t want factory jobs. So robots do the work instead.

  12. New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Ceramic Parts

    A new way of making these tough materials could be a key step in producing better airplane engines and long-lasting machine parts.

  13. Remaking Social Media for the Next Revolution

    A hero of the Egyptian revolution laments the limits of social media and hopes to improve online dialogue.

  14. Do We Deserve Total Digital Privacy?

    A quarter-century ago, a “protracted battle” over encryption began between law enforcement and civil-rights activists.

  15. AI Hits the Mainstream

    More industries are looking for ways to use artificial intelligence. What will that mean for the technology’s future?