MIT Technology Review 201601

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  1. What’s Next?

    It’s too late to stop climate change from happening. But we can begin to limit the damage and slow it down.

  2. Don’t Panic! It’s Not Too Late.

    This letter appeared in the January/February 2016 issue.

  3. Stop Emissions!

    A climate scientist argues that it should no longer be acceptable to dump carbon dioxide in the sky.

  4. Witnessing Climate Change Everywhere

    On an Instagram account called everydayclimatechange, the photographer James Whitlow Delano curates pictures that document causes and effects of global warming and responses to it.

  5. This Climate Policy Could Save the Planet

    Here’s a smart way for us to limit carbon emissions and keep global warming below 2 °C.

  6. The Energy Startup Conundrum

    An inventor of a storage technology tries to outlast a brutal stretch for new energy companies.

  7. A Change of Mind

    Diana Bianchi championed tests that find Down syndrome early in pregnancy. Now can she find a way to treat it?

  8. Can This Man Make AI<br />More Human?

    One cognitive scientist thinks the leading approach to machine learning can be improved by ideas gleaned from studying children.

  9. Early Intervention

    We need therapies to help those with Down syndrome reach their potential.

  10. Child’s Play

    Computers should stop trying to act like grown-ups.

  11. 6 Ways Law Enforcement Can Track Terrorists in an Encrypted World

    Government officials want us to believe that encryption is helping terrorists, but law enforcement still has plenty of tools to get the data.

  12. Hot and Violent

    Researchers have begun to understand the economic and social damage caused by climate change.

  13. The End of Internet Advertising as We’ve Known It

    Millions of people are refusing to let intrusive, distracting, or irrelevant ads load on our devices. Consumers should seize the opportunity to demand a more mutually beneficial relationship with online advertisers.

  14. Are Young Athletes Risking Brain Damage?

    Sports leagues should do more to protect children from the long-term problems that stem from hits to the head.

  15. The Ideal Fuel

    A nanomaterials chemist has figured out a good way to mimic leaves and turn water and carbon dioxide into things we need.

  16. A Conservative Proposition for Global Warming

    In 1990, a Brazilian politician proposed what he presumed would be a simple way to kick our fossil-fuel habit.