MIT Technology Review 201511

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  1. India’s Energy Crisis

    Can India modernize its manufacturing economy and supply electricity to its growing population without relying heavily on coal—and quite possibly destroying the global climate?

  2. The Flip Side of the Arab Spring

    This letter appeared in the November/December 2015 issue.

  3. Lyft’s Search for a New Mode of Transport

    How Uber’s archenemy plans to make the world a better place by building a kind of public transit system from private cars.

  4. A Shocking Way to Fix the Brain

    Neurosurgeons hope to treat some of the most intractable mental disorders by putting advanced arrays of electrodes into patients’ brains.

  5. The Coal Conundrum

    No matter what, India’s use of coal will ­skyrocket in the next two decades.

  6. Artificial Creativity

    Why computers aren’t close to being ready to supplant human artists.

  7. The Treatment Gap

    We’re still not taking mental disorders as seriously as we should.

  8. Fighting ISIS Online

    The Islamic State is an Internet phenomenon as much as a military one. Counteracting it will require better tactics on the battlefield of social media.

  9. The Hit Charade

    An algorithm might create a playlist you enjoy, but don’t mistake that for creativity.

  10. What Will Alphabet Be When It Grows Up?

    To truly change the world, Google’s new holding company will need something that has eluded many previous industrial labs: an effective commercialization strategy.

  11. From 1976: The Case for the Cab

    Decades before Lyft and Uber, a scholar of transportation argued that the most efficient public transport system might be an army of less-regulated taxis.