MIT Technology Review 201509

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  1. Seven over 70

    This letter appeared in the September/October 2015 issue.

  2. The Next Great GMO Debate

    Deep inside its labs, Monsanto is learning how to modify crops by spraying them with RNA rather than tinkering with their genes.

  3. Teaching Machines to Understand Us

    A reincarnation of one of the oldest ideas in artificial intelligence could finally make it possible to truly converse with our computers. And Facebook has a chance to make it happen first.

  4. Inside Amazon

    At a new fulfillment center in New Jersey, humans and robots work together in a highly efficient system.

  5. Like GMOs, Minus the Baggage

    Sprayed-on RNA can improve farmers’ lives without genetically modifying their crops.

  6. Peer Pressure, Internet-Style

    Apps like Periscope will create a complex new relationship between broadcaster and audience.

  7. Controlling When the Cameras Record

    If we’re going to require body cameras, we need to be smart about when they’re used.

  8. Paying for Solar Power

    SolarCity’s massive new manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York, reflects a booming demand for solar power. Is it sustainable?

  9. Motion Pictures

    Technology is now allowing artists to do something they’ve aspired to since the stone age: make their paintings move.

  10. Tech’s Enduring Great-Man Myth

    The idea that particular individuals drive history has long been discredited. Yet it persists in the tech industry, obscuring some of the fundamental factors in innovation.

  11. Books over Bullets

    We don’t make ourselves safer by favoring military spending over education, a broadcasting executive argued.