Harvard Business Review 201701

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  1. A New Look for a New Era

    Highlights of this month’s issue.

  2. The Power of Positive Surveying

    Nudging customers to reflect on good experiences gooses sales.

  3. Your Success Is Shaped by Your Genes

    New research reveals that people who have certain genetic variants earn higher incomes, hold more prestigious jobs, and accumulate more assets.

  4. T-Mobile’s CEO on Winning Market Share by Trash-Talking Rivals

    First step: Eliminate all the things people hate about the wireless industry.

  5. Customer Loyalty Is Overrated

    Focus on habit instead. A theory of cumulative advantage

  6. Curing the Addiction to Growth

    Lessons from the retail industry

  7. Are You Solving the Right Problems?

    Reframing them can reveal unexpected solutions.

  8. The Neuroscience of Trust

    Management behaviors that foster employee engagement

  9. The Stretch Goal Paradox

    Audacious targets are widely misunderstood—and widely misused.

  10. Getting Your Stars to Collaborate

    How Dana-Farber turns rival experts into problem-solving partners

  11. Kick-Ass Customer Service

    Consumers want results—not sympathy.

  12. The Truth About Blockchain

    It will take years to transform business, but the journey begins now.

  13. Africa’s New Generation of Innovators

    How some entrepreneurs have succeeded in creating new markets where many global giants have failed

  14. Energy Strategy for the C-Suite

    Energy is no longer merely a cost to be managed.

  15. Buying Your Way into Entrepreneurship

    Could taking over a small business be the right path for you?

  16. Case Study: How Much Should a New CEO Shake Things Up?

    Ambitious change risks burning out staff.

  17. Blockbuster Magic

    Creating hits in today’s cultural marketplace

  18. Life’s Work: An Interview with Jerry Seinfeld

    The comedian on innovation, sustaining popularity, and humor as a leadership tool