Harvard Business Review 201612

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  1. Dealing with Unexpected Bias

    Highlights of this month’s issue.

  2. The Scary Truth About Corporate Survival

    Companies really are failing faster. Here’s why.

  3. MBAs Are More Self-Serving Than Other CEOs

    A new study finds a correlation between the degree and strategies that hurt firms but benefit executives.

  4. PayPal’s CEO on Creating Products for Underserved Markets

    The company decided to “bust the paradigm that ‘it is expensive to be poor.’”

  5. Mapping Frontier Economies

    Where to play and how to win

  6. The Secrets of Great CEO Selection

    An insider’s guide

  7. After the Handshake

    Succession doesn’t end when a new CEO is hired.

  8. Succession Planning: What the Research Says

    Most organizations aren’t prepared.

  9. Health Care Needs Real Competition

    And every stakeholder has a role.

  10. Fixing Discrimination in Online Marketplaces

    Airbnb, Uber, and others are facing the unintended consequences of their platforms’ design choices.

  11. Do You Hate Your Boss?

    How to deal with it

  12. Case Study: Should You Rehire Someone Who Left for a Competitor?

    An entrepreneur reconsiders a valuable colleague.

  13. The Philanthropist’s Burden

    Hard cash can’t always solve hard problems.

  14. Life’s Work: An Interview with Brian Wilson

    A founding member of the Beach Boys on innovation, collaboration, and overcoming personal obstacles