Harvard Business Review 201610

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  1. Kahneman on “Noise”

    Highlights of this month’s issue.

  2. The Case Against Long-Term Incentive Plans

    Research shows four reasons why managers undervalue a key component of pay packages.

  3. You’re Likely to Live Longer If You Retire After 65

    Working an extra year decreases mortality rates by 11%, a new analysis shows.

  4. The CEO of Popeyes on Treating Franchisees as the Most Important Customers

    Behind the Popeyes turnaround was a conscious decision to treat leadership as stewardship—and to put the interests of franchisees above those of every other stakeholder group.

  5. Noise: How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making

    Algorithmic judgment is more efficient than the human variety.

  6. Why Leadership Training Fails—and What to Do About It

    Companies spend billions on programs that don’t pay off. Here’s how to fix that.

  7. The Performance Management Revolution

    The focus is shifting from accountability to learning.

  8. AT&T’s Talent Overhaul

    Can the firm really retrain hundreds of thousands of employees?

  9. Globalization, Robots, and the Future of Work: An Interview with Jeffrey Joerres

    The former CEO and chairman of ManpowerGroup on workforce strategy

  10. The Ecosystem of Shared Value

    Companies must sometimes team up with governments, NGOs, and even rivals to capture the economic benefits of social progress.

  11. The Transformative Business Model

    How to tell if you have one

  12. “Making the Car a Mobile, Connected Workspace”: An Interview with Carlos Ghosn

    There’s a revolution under way in the automotive industry, and Carlos Ghosn wants to make sure he’s among the winners.

  13. Don’t Let Power Corrupt You

    How to rise to the top without losing the virtues that got you there

  14. Case Study: How Do You Compete with a Goliath?

    A Peruvian apparel company struggles to position itself against a global brand.

  15. Resisting the Hard Sell

    Learn to distinguish between spin and substance.

  16. Life’s Work: An Interview with Penn Jillette

    The magician talks about how he and his partner, Teller, develop their ideas, what kind of relationship they have, and the secret to connecting with an audience.