Harvard Business Review 201607

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  1. Fixing a Broken System

    Highlights of this month’s issue.

  2. How to Make the Most of Omnichannel Retailing

    Your best bet is to get online customers to visit your stores.

  3. CEOs Shouldn’t Try to Embody Their Firms’ Culture

    New research indicates that leaders with a different orientation may get better results.

  4. WPP’s CEO on Turning a Portfolio of Companies Into a Growth Machine

    Finding the synergies in a holding company

  5. Beyond the Holacracy Hype

    The overwrought claims—and actual promise—of the next generation of self-managed teams

  6. Why Diversity Programs Fail

    And what works better

  7. Designing a Bias-Free Organization

    It’s easier to change your processes than your people.

  8. We Just Can’t Handle Diversity

    A research roundup

  9. Where Financial Reporting Still Falls Short

    Even after a raft of reforms, corporate accounting remains murky. Here’s what you need to know to evaluate a company accurately.

  10. How to Pay for Health Care

    Bundled payments will finally unleash the competition that patients want.

  11. The Case for Capitation

    It’s the only way to cut waste while improving quality.

  12. How to Negotiate with a Liar

    Tactics for getting to the truth

  13. Case Study: Should You Adjust Your Business Model for a Major Customer?

    A manufacturer evaluates a tempting deal.

  14. Can Capitalism Be Redeemed?

    Income inequality is much more than an economic problem.

  15. Life’s Work: An Interview with Greg Louganis

    The Olympic gold medalist talks about his early training and finally winning a place on the Wheaties box.