Harvard Business Review 201605

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  1. Toward a More Agile Future

    Highlights of this month’s issue.

  2. Creative Job Titles Can Energize Workers

    They reduce burnout and increase satisfaction.

  3. “Sleeping on It” Doesn’t Lead to Better Decisions

    Surprising new findings on how sleep affects our mental processes

  4. Upwork’s CEO on How an Introverted Engineer Learned to Lead

    Kasriel describes how he broadened his skills to overcome a bias against engineers as CEOs.

  5. Embracing Agile

    How to master the process that’s transforming management

  6. Planned Opportunism

    Using weak signals to spur innovation

  7. “Both/And” Leadership

    Don’t worry so much about being consistent.

  8. Superforecasting: How to Upgrade Your Company’s Judgment

    How to dramatically improve your company’s prediction capability

  9. How to Hedge Your Strategic Bets

    Make short-term investments to test opportunities.

  10. Increase Your Return on Failure

    Mistakes can be incredibly valuable—provided you systematically capture their lessons.

  11. “We Need to Intensify Our Sense of Urgency”: An Interview with Meg Whitman

    Whitman has restored stability to a company that was badly damaged when she took the helm.

  12. Learn to Love Networking

    Even people who find it repugnant can do it effectively.

  13. Case Study: Should You Address a Colleague’s Erratic Behavior?

    A manager contemplates whether his peer has a mental health issue.

  14. Office Exposé

    Why we love employee tell-alls

  15. Life’s Work: An Interview with Isabel Allende

    The best-selling novelist on discipline and determination