Harvard Business Review 201604

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  1. The Best of HBR

    Highlights of this month’s issue.

  2. Revolutionizing Customer Service

    Dramatic turnarounds require counterintuitive strategies.

  3. Ethical Shoppers Don’t Inspire Us—They Bug Us

    Why do people look down on consumers who make moral choices?

  4. Priceline’s CEO on Creating an In-House Multilingual Customer Service Operation

    Answering customers’ calls in 42 languages, usually 24 hours a day, creates logistical and talent management challenges. But The Priceline Group’s Booking.com brand finds that the payoff is worth it.

  5. 2015 HBR McKinsey Awards

    Our annual recognition of outstanding articles in Harvard Business Review

  6. Blitzscaling

    The chaotic, sometimes grueling path to high-growth, high-impact entrepreneurship

  7. Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy

    Scale now trumps differentiation.

  8. Network Effects Aren’t Enough

    The hidden traps in building an online marketplace

  9. Products to Platforms: Making the Leap

    Four steps to successful transformation

  10. Spontaneous Deregulation

    How to compete with platforms that ignore the rules

  11. Making Exit Interviews Count

    This underused practice can be a powerful tool for retention.

  12. Culture Is Not the Culprit

    When organizations are in crisis, it’s usually because the business is broken.

  13. An Antidote to Incivility

    How to protect yourself from rude colleagues

  14. Case Study: Can an Airline Cut “Turn Times” Without Adding Staff?

    The struggle to do more with less.

  15. Still Trying to Get More Done

    The latest in productivity hacks

  16. Life’s Work: An Interview with Ruth Westheimer

    The celebrity sex therapist on transitioning to a public career and “rewiring” instead of retiring