The Atlantic 201610

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  1. When Donald Meets Hillary

    Who will win the debates? Trump’s approach was an important part of his strength in the primaries. But will it work when he faces Clinton onstage?

  2. ‘There’s Nothing Better Than a Scared, Rich Candidate’

    How political consulting works—or doesn’t

  3. What O. J. Simpson Means to Me

    His great accomplishment was to be indicted for a crime and then receive the kind of treatment typically reserved for rich white guys.

  4. Fiction: O

    An exhibition of unintended consequences

  5. The World Is a Thriving Slaughterhouse

    Sifting through decades of testimony of people caught up in the horrors of violent zealotry, a writer grapples with what hasn’t changed in our new world of terror.

  6. Fear of a Female President

    Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has provoked a wave of misogyny—one that may roil American life for years to come.

  7. The Brain Bro

    Forget Adderall. Forget Provigil. Eric Matzner says his nootropics will make your brain sharper in weeks.

  8. Do People Need Small Talk to Be Happy?

    In one study, college students who had substantive conversations were more content than their peers who exchanged mere pleasantries. But don’t write off chitchat just yet.

  9. Getting Bill Out of the House

    If Hillary Clinton takes office, her best adviser in mediating Israel and Palestine’s century-old conflict might be the man who came closest to doing it before.

  10. America’s Monopoly Problem

    How big business jammed the wheels of innovation

  11. Big in Denmark: The U.S. Ambassador

    “Rufus Gifford is a rock star.”

  12. Please Turn On Your Phone in the Museum

    Cultural institutions learn to love selfies, tailor-made apps, and social media.

  13. The Radical and the Racist

    A very short book excerpt

  14. Donald Trump, Sex Pistol

    The punk-rock appeal of the GOP nominee

  15. Sympathy for the Robot

    Westworld, HBO’s new series, reframes the classic monsters-run-amok plotline: The audience watches androids become more human—as the humans become less so.

  16. Pity the Substitute Teacher

    Nicholson Baker went undercover in the classroom. His resulting book delivers a message about education that Americans still need to hear.

  17. Haunted Womanhood

    A biography by Ruth Franklin captures Shirley Jackson’s punishing upbringing and marriage, which perhaps informed the destruction of heroines in her work.

  18. Why (Some) People Hate Poetry

    It’s the site and source of disappointed hope.

  19. The Gangly Texan Pianist Who Wooed Soviets During the Cold War

    Russian audiences swooned over Van Cliburn during a fraught period in relations with his home country. Nigel Cliff tells the humble musician’s story in a new biography.

  20. The Fraught Friendships of Eight Great Artists

    Sebastian Smee’s group biography details four incentivizing rivalries between famous painters as they strove for excellence.

  21. The Conversation

    Readers respond to our July/August cover story and more

  22. What Concept Most Needs a Word in the English Language?

    A big question

  23. Sunset, Wings

    A poem