The Atlantic 201607

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  1. How American Politics Went Insane

    It happened gradually—and until the U.S. figures out how to treat the problem, it will only get worse.

  2. The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife

    A hotly contested, supposedly ancient manuscript suggests Christ was married. But believing its origin story—a real-life Da Vinci Code, involving a Harvard professor, a onetime Florida pornographer, and an escape from East Germany—requires a big leap of faith.

  3. The Republican Party’s White Strategy

    Embracing white nativism in the 1990s turned the California GOP into a permanent minority. The same story may now be repeating itself nationally.

  4. When the Body Attacks the Mind

    A physiological theory of mental illness

  5. After Ebola

    The disease has left a terrible legacy—and another outbreak is likely.

  6. Women Are Writing the Best Crime Novels

    They don’t seem to believe in heroes as much as their male counterparts, which in some ways makes their storytelling a better fit for the times.

  7. The War on Stupid People

    American society increasingly mistakes intelligence for human worth.

  8. Big in Venezuela: Rolex Revolutionaries

    For those who’ve benefited from the country’s political revolution, flaunting wealth with pricey timepieces is getting more complicated.

  9. Being Chelsea Clinton

    The former first daughter has maintained a wide buffer of privacy while enjoying the influence and access her fame confers. Having it both ways will get trickier if her mother wins in November.

  10. The Science of Beer Goggles

    Alcohol makes people impulsive, vain, and uncharitable—and it just might help them maintain committed relationships.

  11. New Orleans Learns to Love Water

    A city that’s long struggled to stay dry embraces its inner swamp.

  12. The Curse of the Loyal Sports Fan

    The Chicago Cubs’ customers show up win or lose—which may explain why, until now, the team has mostly done the latter.

  13. Your Coffeemaker Is Watching You

    Get ready for home appliances that track your movements and know what you want before you do.

  14. Stonewall Jackson Takes a Nap

    A short book excerpt

  15. The Electric Surge of Miles Davis

    Between 1968 and ’75, he plugged into the musical zeitgeist and opened his music to distortion and groove-based repetition, either transcending or repudiating his roots in acoustic jazz.

  16. The Assault on Antidepressants

    Twenty-three years after Listening to Prozac, Peter Kramer comes to the drug’s defense.

  17. The Tender Arsonist

    In Jesse Ball’s sixth novel—part thriller, part coming-of-age story—a teenager seeks escape through fire.

  18. Why Extreme Gymnastics Will Dominate the Rio Olympics

    Has athleticism eclipsed aesthetic spirit? Dvora Meyers’s book traces the evolution of the sport.

  19. The Humanity of The Wicked Boy

    The former journalist Kate Summerscale tells the true story of a child who murdered his mother in Victorian London.

  20. The Conversation

    Readers respond to our May 2016 cover story.

  21. What Accident Most Changed the Course of History?

    A big question

  22. Tools

    A poem